Thursday, June 27, 2013

It"s Been Long Time...

Hi all, I have been sewing, even though I've been neglecting the blog thing. It's been a very busy past few months, with proms and graduations.... Lots and lots of sewing, including lots and lots of fails, but life goes on and we learn from our mistakes, right?!? Well, some of us anyway....

I will start blogging regularly again, starting with the prom dress, as soon as graduation is comfortably in my rear view. Here is a lil preview:

I can't believe my darling little girl is graduating high school and will be heading off to college in the next few months. Look at this little face:

This is what I see when I look at her, no way this little girl is ready to go out into the world...  Although, the girl in the previous pics looks like she's ready to grab the world by the balls. All I can do is stand aside and let her try. Roots and wings, I keep telling myself. Roots and wings.

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