Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Saturday yawl

Now, when I use to sew when I was younger I just cut out a pattern, cut the fabric and put the pieces together how they made sense to me, and came out with a fairly well fitting garment in the end. Maybe patterns have changed since then, but nothing is that simple anymore, especially since my body has changed over the years. I realize I now have to worry about alterations, because I have a fuller figure and fabric tends to pile on my ample derriere, and that's not attractive yawl.

So with this in mind, and knowing that my idols study their craft (and have even taken a class or 2), I ordered some books that was suggested by Threads Magazine (which I am now an avid reader of). They were delivered a couple days ago and I've been busy going through them, especially where proper fitting is concerned. These are the books I got, and as you can imagine, I attacked them like a person trying to master her craft...

The most interesting and useful thing I've learned so far is how the sizing on pattern envelopes work (and that European patterns are sized differently than American ones, wow!). I don't recall ever worrying about that when I was younger. But now trying to decide the correct size to cut out was a challenge. I always looked at the bust measurement and chose a size from there, but then the size it suggested was usually a size or 2 too big. I just learned that the bust measurement refers to the high bust measurement, taken up under the arm, above the fullest part of the breast, this helps with better fit through the shoulders. Let's just say I'm happy I got these books.

And this is a source of humor and amazement for the hubby. You see I never, NEVER read, browse, look or even glance at directions. I usually scan at the pictures, check out how the final product is supposed to look, and go from there. He ALWAYS comments on that, and wonders how things never fall apart or blow up, lol. 

So, I continue on my quest for sewing knowledge (and continue to pull my sewing corner together). 

Thanks for tuning in, and come again.


  1. Sometimes I agonize over what size to make so much that I never actually maker the darn thing!!! I really like Fast Fit. I also like an old book called Fitting Finesse by Nancy Z. If you don't have broad shoulders def make the high bust size. Also really check those finished garment measurements on the pattern itself(sometimes it's on the envelope too). That's what I go by the most. Have fun!

    1. Hi there,

      I will look into getting that book. Thanks for the suggestions.