Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lesson Learned

So I have learned some big lessons this week. Measure, measure, measure. Then measure some more. And for patterns that are a lil more complicated than just back, front and darts, a muslin is probably a great idea, until I become the expert I want to be.

I am sad at the loss of a beautiful piece of fabric. I don’t know what the content is, but it’s rayon-y, summer suit weight and the colour was great. I got it a kind of fabric outlet (Affordable Fabrics) some time ago (at least two yrs), so I can’t go back and try to get some more.

Hand based together to work out the curves (pinned at the shoulder)

             Those wonderfully, perfectly lined pockets (my first foray into lining) are supposed to be down around the hip area, not up under the boob where they currently sit.

Unlike some sewers, I don’t always buy a piece of fabric with a particular garment in mind. I buy fabric because it’s pretty or the texture is nice. This creates two problems, the more immediate being the stockpile of fabrics I now have. The bigger problem, which I am dealing with now (read overwhelming me), is some of the fabrics are sooo beautiful, I can’t decide what would the best use of it and I am VERY hesitant to cut – cause I don’t wanna mess them up (waste)  since I can’t easily replace most of it. It’s like that beautiful wrapping paper you buy from the kids’ school fundraiser that is too pretty to use (Am I the only one??

Anyway, I muster on. Passing through the stages of loss for that beautiful dark brown rayon-y fabric.

Thanks for tuning in, come again


  1. You did so well though doing all the hand basing! I'm coming to terms that a muslin is must for dang near everything.
    I have shopped this way since 08 and I feel just like you! I can just look at a piece of fabric and know exactly where I got it from and for the most part when. They are like my babies and I'm so scared to waste them. Now I'm trying to buy with something in mind and actually use it and not let it marinate in my stash.
    Next time you can do that with pattern pieces on the dress from. I just did that the other day(haven't blogged about it yet) and it gave me a lot of information. I'm still working on a muslin though since I can't get this twill again.

    1. One of the books mentioned pinning the pattern pieces directly to the form, but they just seem so delicate to me, like they wouldn't survive the pinning and pleating so you can actually use them again. I will have to try that.