Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It's been a crazy few weeks, preparing to send the kid away for vacation, preparing for my vacation, trying to get some sewing in.... 

Vacation in Virginia Beach is the bomb yawl. It is such a nice, not rushed place to visit. This time it was just me and the hubby with no planned excursions so there were no schedules. It was nice to get up when we wanted to, go out when we wanted to, without worrying about missing a bus, a trolley or whatever. The great and not so great thing about VA Beach, it’s a family oriented place, lots of little kids about, also lots or No Cursing signs, which normally wouldn’t be a problem for me…. but I seem to have developed, let’s just say somewhat of a potty mouth over the last couple of years.

Posted on the street every few meters, really

Let’s take a minute and explore this further……
Back story: It all started 3 years ago after my first surgery. I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind by a car that apparently didn’t see me stopped and waiting to turn (may have been because she was on her cell phone, but really, who cares about the statistics re cellphone use while driving) and pushed into an oncoming vehicle, also driving at full speed.  Needless to say I was hurt a little bit. But despite the wreckage that I had to be cut out of (the jaws of life crunching through metal is absolutely the worse sound anyone could possible hear), my only damage was a broke femur (it was a little bit disturbing to look down and see my thigh bent where no human thigh is supposed to be able to bend), a fractured hip, which surprisingly was the worse of the pain at the time (at which point I was actually pissed that I didn’t pass out from the pain-it was that bad), and a concussion. Miracle upon miracles, no whiplash, no seat belt bruising, no airbag burns, nothing. My damage was pretty much confined to between my right hip and knee. Oh, and both knees had pretty significant wounds from the dashboard.

Moving on to weeks later and physical therapy. I don’t think I need to say just how God-awful painful that was, which brings me around to the swearing. The physical therapist (PT), after seeing me clenching and holding my breath, told me to go ahead and curse. Apparently it’s some kind of magical pain reliever, but I think it probably meant I was breathing too, and I ran with it. RAN.

Now it’s almost a year later and I am back at work. I work at a police station, where as you can imagine, the guys outnumber the girls significantly. And being a civilian in an officers’ world….let’s just say we don’t always get the respect we’re due. But now that I was a whole year older, with the permission my PT gave me, I decided I was going to take the respect I deserve. And fortunately for me, having such a “young department” all it took was a little cursing and general attitude. (Don’t read angry Black Woman hear, that is soooo not me…lol)

So now, a couple of years later, those curses just to roll off my tongue like you wouldn’t believe, especially while driving. Sometimes I don’t even realize it, which is not ideally great in VA Beach. But other than catching myself those few times a curse was slipping out, it was an absolutely wonderful vacation, very restful. Which prepared me for my next adventure…..turning 40.

Yep, that’s right. The big 4 0ooh. So, I guess what this all breaks down to is Happy Birth Day to meeee....


Thanks for tuning in, please come again 

p.s…. and I will be posting pics of my creations at a later time, the 3 maxi dresses I completed, 2 completed tops, 1 completed skirt and 2  dresses still under construction.

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