Saturday, April 21, 2012

And so we begin....

And so the journey begins. Just joined ClubBMV and can't wait to put it to good use. JoAnn's recently had a great sale on McCalls and Vogue patterns, and of course the designs I really liked in the catalogue were not in the drawer - and they didn't even have a Vogue catalogue. Having to pay shipping for patterns is not great, but it beats driving ALL the way to JoAnn's, on a couple different occasions, and walking away empty handed.

Anyway, have been going through the patterns and fabric I've collected over the years. It was almost a compulsion, even when I wasn't sewing I was compelled to buy patterns and fabric on sale. It's in the DNA, not being able to pass up a good deal, but that's another long story for another time. Some of the patterns were, well, old, the styles, the shapes, and the sizes that were cut out were too small. I'm not quite adept at grading or enlarging patterns yet. The few times I've tried it was not pretty. At all. So having to upgrade (and up-size) some of my patterns, I figured why not give this club thing a try. Plus there were some old patterns I really liked, but were cut out too small, and I've come to find out that getting out of print ones can be expensive, for budget minded gals like myself.

So I've paid my club membership due and now I'm off to do a little Internet shopping.

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